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1 Minute Stretch™ is a combination of a one minute motion routine coupled with mindfulness. It is a simple routine that allows the person doing it to focus on his or her gentle movements for the Soul and Body.

"... I believe that once the routine is learned, taking just one minute a day, or as long as desired to do the 1 Minute Stretch™, can not only help promote the essential range of movement so vital to continued musculoskeletal health, including pain prevention and recovery, but also provide a time and place to gaze within and discover the health of your soul.
The  idea of “treating the soul” can seem very abstract, especially to people who are focused only on their physical or bodily pain and crave immediate relief. However, the argument for this sort of treatment is strong. Why? Because the soul and body are interconnected; they are like the two legs of a body. If there is a defect in one leg, it cannot do its work. Without the full use of that leg, the body sags, and the other leg has a difficult time balancing on its own. The other leg can begin to hurt, even to fail, because of all the work it’s having to do to compensate for the loss of the other." 

1 Minute Stretch eBook

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