Transform Your Pain to Pearls of Wisdom and Joy



Doctor, Father, Speaker, Author, Inventor... And Trumpeter.


Dr Zvi was impacted in the womb and through the course of his life by his mother’s emotional pain. This pain resulted from her traumatic experiences as a teenager during the Holocaust in Poland.

From a young age he had a deep-seated need and calling to find life’s meaning and purpose to understand and solve Pain. His mother Celia passed in 2019 leaving behind writings and poetry of her experiences.

In 1976 Dr Zvi received his BA in Biochemistry from Princeton University. In 1981 he received his MD from New York University School of Medicine. He completed a 5-year residency in Orthopedic Surgery at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn in 1986.

As a Major in the United States Air Force Dr Zvi spent three years practicing orthopedic surgery at Clark Air Base in the Philippines and one year at Andrews Air Force Base in Wash. DC. He did active duty service during Persian Gulf War I. While serving in the Air Force he was a marksman shooter and was awarded the Sikorsky Helicopter Rescue Award.

Throughout his career he was looking for Truth and often felt that certain problems needed better wellness and lifestyle answers and solutions. As a result, over the past 30 years he developed a series of products, inventions, books, and services, which he now sets in motion with his company Missing Links Health, Inc.


The purpose of healthcare should be to enhance quality of life. But this goal can be difficult to achieve in our current system which is a complex healthcare maze.

Dr Zvi provides simple and easy solutions to optimize health, wholeness, and happiness. Discover how to unlock your potential to reach optimal health.

Check out the pain-conquering and happiness-promoting products and services below.



E-BOOK:                               U R NOT WHAT U EAT

      A Doctor's Guide to Transform Your Pain to Pearls of Wisdom and Joy

Downloadable PDF Format

U R Not What you Eat introduces a new lifestyle paradigm with the tools to positively transform oneself and thereby positively and impactfully change America and the world for the better.


"... The current assumption by diet plans, books, programs, and companies is that all hunger is physical hunger. You are your body, your body is hungry, and so you eat. Unfortunately, like many premises in healthcare, as we will see, this principle is wrong. If you are merely a body, then you are only physical matter. But the essential “you” is nonphysical. We are Soul entities that temporarily reside in our bodies. Many people are unaware that they are a Soul. Some people think they have a Soul. We don’t have a Soul. We are the Soul..."  (Page 11)


E-BOOK & VIDEOS: 1 Minute Stretch™

Downloadable PDF Format

1 Minute Stretch™ is a combination of a one minute motion routine coupled with mindfulness. It is a simple routine that allows the person doing it to focus on his or her gentle movements for the Soul and Body.

"... I believe that once the routine is learned, taking just one minute a day, or as long as desired to do the 1 Minute Stretch™, can not only help promote the essential range of movement so vital to continued musculoskeletal health, including pain prevention and recovery, but also provide a time and place to gaze within and discover and evaluate the health of your soul.
The  idea of “treating the soul” can seem very abstract, especially to people who are focused only on their physical or bodily pain and crave immediate relief. However, the argument for this sort of treatment is strong. Why? Because the soul and body are interconnected; they are like the two legs of a body. If there is a defect in one leg, it cannot do its work. Without the full use of that leg, the body sags, and the other leg has a difficult time balancing on its own. The other leg can begin to hurt, even to fail, because of all the work it’s having to do to compensate for the loss of the other." (Page 9)


E-COURSE: Stretching for Pain Relief 

Video Course

40 Videos

Stretching for Pain Relief is a 40 video course that covers important concepts you need to know about your  muscles and joints, pain, common conditions you may experience, and a vital head to toe full range of motion stretching routine that everyone should learn and practice regularly. You can take the entire course or focus your learning on specific segments. In an age of abundant and redundant information, this course goes beyond offering you wisdom about the life, health, and care of your body.

  • Learn a simple daily full range of motion stretching routine for maximum pain relief and health benefits along with wisdom regarding the health and care of your muscles and joints

  • This simple routine takes minutes to complete daily

  • This stretching routine affords pain prevention and pain relief

  • This stretching routine addresses the major muscle and joint groups in the body

  • No special equipment is needed-just your participation

  • You can work on only one body part for which you seek relief or answers or you can do the full routine to help your entire body with pain prevention and relief

  • It is very simple and easy to learn and follow



SITFIT CHAIR™:  Your Personal Total Body Chair Gym

SITFIT CHAIR™ is your personal true total body gym in an innovative non-sedentary multi-positional and multi-functional chair that you can take and use anywhere and everywhere. 


SITFIT CHAIR can help you take steps to a healthier more fit and active you.  This is especially poignant during this time of decreased activity, gym closures, and increased sedentary lifestyle and resultant sedentary disease. 


Now more than ever, this amazing, easy and fun to use, portable as a backpack or rolled on wheels, comfortable and affordable, novel and unique invention created by orthopedic surgeon Dr Zvi Pearlstein can help you live the healthy lifestyle you desire and deserve. 


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